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A Pharmaceutical Approach

At Main Street, we take the medical applications of cannabis seriously. We believe in the therapeutic benefits of cannabinoids, terpenes, and the other elements present in the plant. We believe in offering the safest, most effective, most consistent medical cannabis products possible. This means taking the lead in offering innovative delivery methods to patients. It means working to pharmaceutical standards as we develop and manufacture our cannabis products.
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With our roots in the medical and biotech industries, we take a pharmaceutical approach to our product development and production. Our commitment to safe, consistent products, combined with our science-based innovation, sets our medical cannabis products apart.
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Pharmaceutical Lab

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Next generation, patented delivery systems
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Ingrained commitment to safe, consistent, compliant products
Our Patented Cannabinoid Encapsulation
Why Encapsulation Is
The Future

Patented encapsulation technology powers many of our unique, smoke-free medical cannabis products. Being fat-soluble, cannabinoids are normally limited in their ability to get into the water-based bloodstream through the skin and sub-dermal tissues. This has been the main barrier preventing cannabis topicals from delivering full-body effects.

Main Street’s encapsulation technology is the solution to this challenge. Making cannabinoids more water-available by encapsulating them in a water-soluble micelle ‘envelope’ broadens the systemic effects of cannabinoids in several ways. It enables transdermal delivery, allowing cannabinoids to pass all the way into and through the skin, entering both the fatty tissues that are normally a barrier and the bloodstream itself for systemic effects. It allows faster onset times for ingestible products by bypassing the need for GI tract metabolization. It also opens the door to effective medical formats such as patches and capsules.

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Encapsulated Bioavailability information
Encapsulation for Faster
Acting Ingestibles
Micro-encapsulated cannabinoids get absorbed directly into the bloodstream through fatty tissues that are normally a barrier to their absorbption. This is a faster and more effective mechanism for bioactivation than metabolization exclusively through the digestive process. The cannabinoids are also able to engage with CB2 receptors throughout the stomach and GI tract.need for GI tract metabolization. It also opens the door to effective medical formats such as patches and capsules.
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diagram of cannabis capsules inside of a stomach
Encapsulation for Faster Acting Topical & Transdermal Delivery

The data below show a comparison between cannabinoids delivered via a traditional topical compared to a transdermal gel using our EnCaps technology. Non-transdermal topicals simply can’t get past the skin, while our transdermal gel shows measurable results.

Simply put, a higher permeability measure means more cannabinoids delivered.

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Encapsulation Cannabis delivery information
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Topical/Transdermal comparison chart
Maximum Effectiveness:
A Better Patch
Most cannabis patches are single-layered and are only sustainable for 12 hours. In contrast, our innovative reservoir patch offers more effective, fast-acting, and long-lasting benefits over 72 hours.
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Cannabinoid Delivered chart
Our Next Big Breakthrough
At Main Street, we are committed to helping patients improve their quality of life through the power of medical cannabis, while simultaneously moving the industry forward toward a very exciting future. Our primary goal revolves around unlocking the full potential of cannabis as a medicine and exploring its future potential through cutting-edge technology. We are always exploring, researching, and trying new ways to deliver the most consistent, reliable, and targeted cannabis therapeutics on the market.
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